So now you know the answer to the question where did Leonardo da Vinci live.
Among his most famous completed works are The Last Supper, The Vitruvian Man and The Mona Lisa.
He took the painting with him from Italy to France when he moved at the invitation of Francois.These include anatomy, optics, hydrodynamics and civil engineering.There is some evidence that Caterina was a slave from the Middle East.Where and when was Leonardo Da Vinci born?Learn more about Painting, sources:.Leonardo da Vinci (full name: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) is a famous Italian mathematician, engineer, inventor, painter, musician, botanist, writer and a whole lot more!In 1478 he became an independent master, an artist in his own right.But where did Leonardo da Vinci live?Who was Leonardo Da Vinci?Da Vinci also conceived ideas that were far ahead of his time.Answered 6 years scuola media statale leonardo da vinci cossato ago by drakaenae, king (41,339 points).Want to Know it?Leonardo da Vinci is probably best known as a painter and his two most famous works of art are The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.Did he finish a great number of paintings?Da Vinci eventually sold the painting to Francois I corsi serali leonardo da vinci fermo for 4,000 ecus.Wha gratta e vinci 20 euro vincite talents did he have as a young boy?For the first five years of his life he lived in Anchiano, a nearby village of Vinci.Three Facts about Leonardo da Vinci.Now, lets look at three great facts about Leonardo da Vinci.He lived in Italy in the fifteenth century.He then kept the painting in his possession for several years and did not complete it until 1519.