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A microsite called The Frooti Life provided a tagliando audi a1 1 6 tdi taste of the new Frooti Life by featuring the TVC, the Frooti story, summer recipes using Frooti, games, and more.
Britannia #5050Feeling digital campaign.
For this campaign Center Fresh created a microsite and a Facebook app to engage with its audience.Power of 49 does not only highlight the issues but also celebrates achievements of women in every walk of life.Image Source: m/avivalifeinsurance, aviva created an app on Facebook for Padding up with Sachin.What was so great about this campaign was brand using Salmans official Facebook page to launch the video.Generating an average of 10k likes for each post, the page received upto 20k likes within a day of posting and reached roughly the same audience.Among its many initiatives, few that stand out and have caught peoples attention are the regular ad campaigns, documentaries that they launch, the telethon launched in the first year collected INR 45 million, signature campaign (open and the latest, create and sell merchandise based.Caprese #CapreseStylist For the launch of its 2015 Spring Summer Collection, Caprese, the ladies handbag brand from VIP called all women on social media to play stylist for the Caprese Girl.The Jan Lokpal Bill Movement, anna Hazares Jan Lokpal Bill movement was responsible for giving a voice to Indias fight against corruption and corrupt babus.Bebeautifuls channel, with 50,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views, is one of the most watched beauty channels in India due to its original content.It asked fans to share their 50:50 feeling with the brand and the best entries got a chance to party with the RCB players in Bangalore.Padmashri Arunima Sinha, the first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest, all with the help of a prosthetic limb and a rod in the other leg; Padmashri Shital Mahajan, the skydiver with over eight world records including youngest woman to jump over North and South.The 49 in Power of 49, symbolizes the of women on the electoral rolls.Apart from the 30 seconds of fame, the winners also received a cash prize.1 lakh.After the ad was uploaded on Fewikwiks channel it crossed a viewership of 9,50,000 views!The campaign is based on the assumption that people judge others based on their appearance without knowing the other person and often forming wrong impressions or stereotypes.The lead character Louis Santiago was played by Hollywood star Johnny Deep in a film named Mission A7000.To participate, one only needs to donate a bowl of rice (or more if they want to) to any needy person and post a picture on the Rice Bucket Challenges Facebook page tagging friends to take up the challenge.We are just half way through and there are many interesting campaigns already.