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Vincenzo Tempera, known as, vince Tempera (Milan, 18 September 1946 is an Italian keyboardist and arranger.
Quentin Tarantino has chosen for the soundtrack of Kill Bill vol.
In 1998 he was conductor of the telecast Barracuda, conducted by Daniele Luttazzi and broadcast on Italy. .
Vince Tempera has been author and composer of numerous television themes of success and anime TV series, both as conductor and arranger that the author of the texts, including Grendizer, Maya the Bee, Captain Harlock, Nils Holgersson, Daitan III, Hello Spank, although it has done.Since the late seventies he started working with Francesco Guccini and since then is part of its musicians accompanying him in concert on keyboards and piano.Over the years itis l da vinci firenze he has repeatedly conductor of the Sanremo Festival.In several television interviews, but also in other public meetings.The greatest success was undoubtedly that of 1978 with the initials UFO Robot, written with Louis Albertelli and Ares Tavolazzi, so even won the Gold record, surpassing the one million copies sold.1 music of the soundtrack of Seven Notes in Black Lucio Fulci composed of Tempera. .Keyboardist overall the Pleasure Machine, in 1970 deals with the arrangements of the album Terra in bocca by I Giganti and Lisola non trovata by Francesco Guccini. .Active since the seventies in bands like The Pleasure Machine and Il Volo, he is also famous for being the author or co-author melissa satta nuovo taglio capelli of several acronyms of cartoons of the seventies and eighties, one of all UFO Robot Grendizer.It was named by the TV of San Marino as a juror to choose the song that the Titano will bring the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, and called for the return of the RAI, for which in the meantime has composed the music of fiction.Since 2008 he is the musical director and owner of the Great Festivals Italian (national singing festivals and Lombardy the festival A Voice for Macherio) with the collaboration of Katia Ricciarelli and other names in Italian music with the aim of helping young talents.The discs were published under different pseudonyms. .Vince Tempera has also admitted that he was inspired to Anne of Green Gables hymn Red flag.Keyboards he also performed in concerts modern jazz. .He participates in incision track Luci ah in the album Il mio canto libero of Lucio Battisti, but it is not accredited in the cover due to a disagreement had with the singer.In 2009, the program conductor TV Bullfighting, samsung sconto 150 euro a role previously held by Roberto Pregadio. .Already in 1966 he played with his band La Nuova Era around Italy, stopping for long periods in the premises as the main group of the evenings, he loved to play barefoot and jump on the keyboard all the time.
Sep 11, 2011, ed ecco l inizio dello stupendo concerto dei maestri.
Vince Tempera e Liugi Albertelli.