Now, tie a string around your finger now, boy.
You say they town in the house, so I'm drownin em out.
Hope I don't rat-tat-it from the hash and grass addict.
You pay tolls to the drummer, I EZ-Pass.But tie a string around your finger now boy 'cause it's, it's just a matter of time cause you've got.I be leaked out like?No chance in hell, (youve got).No chance, no chance in hell, (youve got).Keep your mother-in-law indoor when we walk outdoor.You got no chance, no chance in hell, yeah).Redman, are you ready for war?Rock, everytime, befo' I catch you, and make you pay Everyone here works for me, I have em break two legs two arms, and - two of your ribs for mistakes you made The nigga that you hate that hate'll make you hate yo' fate.C'mon, c,mon, come and get it, come.(yeah no chance, no chance in hell.You don't want what we got in store.No Chance In Hell Song Lyrics.Pad of em with ghetto chickens that can stash 30 bags.Greedy politicians buying souls from us are puppets.I spit and mad rap-it like I took a bad package.I ain't sayin I'll do it, I got niggaz cani di grossa taglia da adottare that will, i go to the Benz dealer, test drive it and peal.Up against a machine too strong.

Spillin on your 325 icey, wifey.