tagliando kia sorento 2005

So many valuble memories have been made with it, and I comend Kia.
Ok so firstly Id like to say obviously if you bought the car second hand you cant really blame the car for poor performance issues or problems.
Although the 2009 Sorentos hood did improve concerning that.The car has never left me stranded anywhere and I havnt had to replace anything too major other than thing that with wear and tear need fixing.As far as comfort I personally am content with the vehicle.That being said I can start my review.The paint on the hood, roof and other small areas has faded completley.Each car has its own history and of course with good care will last a long time.Mobile Phones - Tablets, real Estate, jobs and Services.Now hands down this leonardo da vinci the last supper italian renaissance is the toughest car Iv ever owned.Report this ad, free Classifieds in, ghana.Iv noticed my sorento isnt the only one that has a faded hood though and sort of in the same shape.The quality of the vehicle is decent, Kia is known for using cheaper parts but its nothing too degrading.Me and my family have owned this car firsthand since 2005 and it has been such a fun, exciting reliable car since the day we bought it!Iv only been in 2 accidents, one of them I was rear ended at a red light and it was an extremly hard hit.When you enter the car its what you can expect from an average car.So aside if all the great things the sorento has to offer, some down falls are.I mean its not comparable to a plush couch but its not uncomfortable either.Its rated I believe at 16 MPG or so but when you drive it hard like I do go ahead and bump that number down to 14 mpg.Login or create your account!So yea anyways the cars not a clunker, Kia did a very good job with their 05 Sorento and obviously it does has flaws just like every other car but take it from me It still holds the champ title in my eyes, and.