Removable battery and expandable storage.
Windows Phone app for desktop to manage your pictures, videos and music (theres a version for the Mac, too).
The Exyonos Octa 5410 pairs.6GHz, quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 with.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7.It's abundantly clear that Samsung isn't focusing much of its attention on Windows Phoneeven the homegrown Tizen OS seems to be a higher priority for the Korean company.Games like Asphalt 8 ran with aplomb and the Ativ SE notched an impressive 519.1ms on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark.Bottom Line, what it lacks in identity, the Samsung Ativ SE makes up for in flexibility, but it doesn't excite like other Windows Phone options.Androids are exceptionally rare.The Lumia Icon has 32GB of storage to the ativ SEs 16GB, but Samsungs phone has a MicroSD card slot where Nokias does not.You can download Nokia apps like Here Maps and Here Transit, but you don't get access to the excellent Nokia Camera or the lenses that go along with.Era by Jawbone, bluetooth headset.I did find a few ativ SE cases for sale on Amazon, but there's no good reason why Samsung had to change the case dimensions by such a tiny amount, so that Galaxy S4 cases won't fit.ARMs ttle architecture activates whichever CPU can perform the task at hand most efficiently, in order to preserve battery life.Low-light photo performance could be better.Just like the Lumia phones, however, the ativ SE suffers from an odd quirk that prevents wwe vince mcmahon it from shutting down while its plugged into power.Instead, it nails down the fundamentals, like a thin-and-light design, high-quality display, and flexibility in the form of a removable battery and microSD card slot.As you can see from these photos, however, the two cameras are pretty much even in terms of picture quality.In the benchmarks I ran, the ativ SE held its own against both the S4 and the Lumia Icon.

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