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Leonardo da Vinci was born on April, 15th, 1452, near Florence in a family of tagli di capelli sfilzati lunghi the leonardo da vinci cenacolo milano rich notary.
The decision to transfer the "Mona Lisa" to a separate room was made by the Louvre administration, because this masterpiece was lost at the previous place, surrounded by other paintings of Italian painters, and the public had to stand in line to see the famous.
Simultaneously with Leonardo opposite wall of the hall Soderini instructed to paint.Scientists at the University of Amsterdam and specialists from the United States ru, having studied the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa with the help of a new computer program, unraveled its composition: according to their data, it contains 83 of happiness, 9 of neglect.Christ to its words about the future treachery, is expressed in accurate mathematical laws of the composition, imperiously subordinating to itself not only drawn, but also real architectural space.Leonardo's Architecture, there are no finished works to bear witness to Leonardo Da Vinci's studies in the sphere of architecture ; we know he spent a long time planning the dome of Milan Cathedral, and there are innumerable plans of fortifications which he produced for.The generally accepted idea of the primacy of painting among the arts gave rise to a whole cultural tradition which lasted throughout the sixteenth century, even in places where Leonardo's thought could not have penetrated; but Leonardo's view of the supremacy of painting.Eventually amounting to some 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, these scientific and artistic journals, including his Treatise on Painting (1651 have since been acquired by major institutions like the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Library in London.Studying also architecture, Leonardo developed various variants of "an ideal city» and a central-dome temple.Lives of The Artists (1550 identified the source of, mannerist painting as being the works of Leonardo, Raphael (1483-1520) and Michelangelo (1475-1564).In a series of drawings with the image of universal accident (a cycle with "Flood the Italian pencil, a feather, nearby, Royal library, Windsor) meditations about caducity and a pettiness of the person before power of elements are combined with rationalistic, anticipating "vortical" cosmology Rene.Leonardo was born in the family of a rich notary and landowner Piero da Vinci, his mother was a simple peasant woman Katerina.Read More, art history has delivered us with some amazing paintings and sculptures and limiting it to twenty pieces is no small feat.«Sacred Anna with Maria, the baby the Christ and John Krestitelem» (the reddish paper pasted on a canvas; coal; whitewash).Virgin of the Rocks (c.1483-5) Oil on panel (moved to canvas) Louvre.The Annunciation (c.1475-8) Oil on panel, Uffizi, Florence.Virgin of the Rocks (14951508) Oil on panel, National Gallery, London.The Italian advised to practice in such a scattering, examining the stains from the dampness on the walls, ash, clouds or mud.There is another theory, according to which, "Mona Lisa" is a self-portrait of Leonardo.There are reasons to believe that Leonardo was a homosexual.

Reference has been made to the fact that Ludovico il Moro commissioned a monument in memory of Francesco Sforza and that Leonardo completed only the clay model of the horse, which was later destroyed; a clear impression of the basic idea for this monument can.
Probably, so he left a place where life itself could interfere, something to correct.