On analysis of style alone, the painting resembles in macchina taglio plasma portatile every detail, the three-quarter views by Cristofano, many of which we know to have been copied from earlier portraits, by different painters, such as the portrait of the Duke by Raphael.
Now, what Art Historian can you find who has analysed the stylistic reasons for your attribution to Leonardo?
1504 Study of battles on horseback,.1497 The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist,.Thank you very much for this transcription and translation.Anne, 1510 Portrait of a Bearded Man, possibly a Self Portrait,.LÍNEA DEL tiempo: inventos importantes DE LA revoluciÓN industrial.Pedretti said all sorts of encouraging things, but he did not leap forward with a joy shining out of his eyes and say "Oh my God!1508 Studies of Water passing Obstacles and falling,.Amandajm ( talk ) 09:13, 8 December 2010 (UTC) As always, you are entitled to your opinion.Payne, Leonardo, London, 1979.And then, when he spoke of the late Renaissance?Scatozza Höricht, Il volto dei filosofi antichi, Napoli, 1986.Can anyone explain WHY Raphael needed Leonardo's assistance to draw himself in this aged state?The same observation was made by me, many years ago.Pedretti, Foligno, 2010.C.1506 Study for the Burlington House Cartoon,.Historia DE LA computaciÓUS conceptos BÁsicos.Dibujos anatomicos de Leonardo Da Vinci.1496 The Lady with the Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani), 1496 Profile of a man and study of two riders,.1495 Heads of an old man and a youth,.The Baptism of Christ,.All you need to do to satisfy yourself that the red chalk drawing is Julius II is look at it in close comparison to the portraits finsihed by Raphael and Titian.

Then in 1700, the same portrait is in the collection Amoretti in Florence.
If you had read the scientific article on the portrait Lucan, at this time you would not have written the comparison with Christofano dell'Altissimo.
Ballarin, Problemi di leonardismo milanese tra Quattrocento e Cinquecento.