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If you look at the larger view of the image above (click, and it will open in a new window you'll see a series of light ink parallel hatching lines from the nose to the top of the forehead.The knots on the shoulder of the sitter's dress and the braiding in her headdress are executed calcolo della vincita al 10 e lotto with Leonardesque precision.To this end, the drawing was sent to the Lumiere Technology lab for advanced multispectral scanning.Could Leonardos Bella Principessa be Greenhalghs Bolton Sally?La Bella Principessa is a profile portrait of a young woman in late 15th-century dress with her copper hair flattened down at the sides and worked behind into an elaborately bound ponytail.A right-handed person would have inked the lines thus: /.The Model The young sitter is presently presumed by experts to be a member of the Sforza family, although neither the Sforza colors nor symbols are evident.A further partial palm print was later detected.Additionally, nearly everything listed above, save for the date of the vellum, is circumstantial evidence.I honestly dont know how anyone who loves his art could make that mistake.She aint no Leonardo, thats for sure.
That hairpiece with its complex banding is Leonardesque he loved to dress women in fine garments that I suspect he designed himself.