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18 Leonardos childhood was precisely as remarkable as this picture.124, The Macmillan., 1910. .4, the idea that two diverse elements were united in the smile of cani di grossa taglia obbligo museruola Monna Lisa has been felt by many critics.The poor forsaken mother had to give vent through mothers love to all her memories of love enjoyed as well as to all her yearnings for more affection; she was forced to it, not only in order to compensate herself for not having a husband.As Gruyer puts it: It is almost four centuries since Monna Lisa causes all those to lose their heads who have looked upon her for some time.Konstantinowa in the following manner: 5 7, during the long period in which the master occupied himself with the portrait of Monna Lisa del Gioconda, he entered into the physiognomic delicacies of this feminine face with such sympathy of feeling that he transferred these creatures.Google "der Leonardo, das einzig Schöne, das ich je geschrieben, bereitet sich jetzt zur zweiten Auflage." Sigmund Freud - Lou Andreas-Salome - Briefwechsel, edited by Ernst Pfeiffer.Freud loved art and collected.147-178 translated by Abraham Brill 1916, chapter.Muther, for instance, believes that Leonardo could not bring himself to paint old age, folds and wrinkles, and therefore formed also Anne as a woman of radiant beauty.14 Even in the happiest recent marriage the father feels that his child, especially the little boy has become his rival, and this gives origin to an antagonism against the favorite one which is deeply rooted in the unconscious.Gustav Klimt, he showed no interest in modern art; but this is not fair.Of all the gracefulness that his brush reproduced on the canvas at that time the picture preserves but very little in its present state.But what is wrong with it is the belief that art can ultimately be theorised and explained.In the manner of all ungratified mothers she thus prezzi cellulari doppia sim took her little son in place of her husband, and robbed him of a part of his virility by the too early maturing of his eroticism.The Isle of the Dead, and his books are themselves works of modernism that went on to inspire the surrealists.
The Italian Angelo Conti 4 saw the picture in the Louvre illumined by a ray of the sun and expressed himself as follows: The woman smiled with a royal calmness, her instincts of conquest, of ferocity, the entire heredity of the species, the will.

Not just those who love Leonardo and Freud, but those who are interested in child's psychology and sexuality.more.
So let's start chipping away that paint, and see what's underneath.