delta voucher expiration

I decided to mail the voucher using Priority Mail from the Post Office.
The customer service representative gave me instructions that were eerily low tech: Write the departure flight number, name of passenger, and confirmation number on the voucher.Please allow at least 14 business days for processing.I assumed that using a free ticket voucher would be as easy as any online purchase from.Theres something to be said about the simplicity of entering in my credit card and having an email confirmation sent to my e-mail.A free flight takes the cooperation of several agencies including the Post Office.The free ticket voucher process at United needs to be upgraded.OR, bring the free ticket voucher to an Airport Ticket Counter to have the ticket issued.mercedes themes edp, c63, C63P, C63C, CLA45C4, CLS63, CLS63P, CLS63C4S, E63, E63P, E63SP, E63W4S, E63S4S, GLA45W4, GLE450C4, GLE63C4S, GLE63W4, GLE63W4S, G63, GTS, S63V4, S65V, S63C4, S65C, SL63, SL65, C450W4, C63W, C63WS, G63W4, G65W4, GLS63W4, C63C, C63CS, SLC43R, S63A4, SL63R, SL65R, GT, GLE43C4, S65A, C43C4, GLC43W4.Please note that the free ticket voucher must still be valid for United to issue the tickets.How do I use a free ticket voucher?I wrote down my information in between paragraph breaks.(Portland is almost 2 hours away and Eugene is 45 minutes.) I missed the convenience of an internet flight purchase.I never really thought I would have to ask that question.
I kept thinking to myself, what the heck volantino expert di lella montesarchio are all those numbers on the voucher for?