da vinci tv tropes

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A good example is BioWare 's Mass Effect trilogy, where Shepard is given the same last name, familial backstory, and pre-service record regardless of gender, so the male and female versions of Shepard are essentially Gender Flipped alternate versions of each other.
Season 4 also introduces the show's version of Black Bison, who is a woman named Mina Chayton instead of a man named John Ravenhair.
Mushihime Sama : reco-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!Our words are backed with nuclear weapons!You stomped her because she was a drunken whore and she treated you like shit!The Scratched Universe introduces 4 new main characters: Roxy is the counterpart to Rose and Dirk is the counterpart to Dave, but John and Jade are genderflipped to Jane and Jake, respectively.splortch* Explanation During the end game, Mike's mother's head explodes with no forewarning.Open/close all folders Advertising In the 1990s UK adverts for Coco Pops, Coco's gang included a male giraffe named Shorty and a female hippo named Hefty.Game over." Press X to Pay respectexplanation The title screen for djmax Respect features this game-starting prompt, a Shout-Out to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "Press F to pay respects" meme.By sending the heroine of the series into a fairy tale world where all of them are men.Explanation Bosco lives in constant fear.H.E.M."Now it's Shulk time!" Explanation Shulk's up-taunt in Super Smash Bros.Man/woman acquires a magical spouse, violates a prohibition, and must go on The Quest to find the spouse again.The real Stottlemeyer and Disher don't know this when they show up on the set to watch a rehearsal, leading to a very awkward moment when the actors lean in for a kiss.At the end, the titular hero has to provide an impromptu explanation of how his or her finger came to be cut.In Bionic Commando Rearmed, Hal was replaced by Haley.Fans took this further by giving Kim his own line of toothpaste which would allow everyone the world-wide to have Kim's smile.Lucia expy rather than Father Christmas/Santa Claus; in 1990, an actress played all three ghosts).This is quite a shock to the main universe's Flying Squirrel, adult woman Kit Baxter, especially, as she later reveals, because Kent was the name her parents would have given her had she been born a boy.Visual Novels The Chinese epic samsung galaxy a5 offerte vodafone Romance of the Three Kingdoms gets two H-Game then later three anime series that feature most of its historically male characters as attractive females: some voluptuous, some moe.Due to being unable to find suitable actresses, the Indian remake of Shake It Up!

For a game with so much dialogue, it's no surprise that something would mutate sooner or later: "Yeah, let's change the subject, YOU GOY motherfucker!
Oh GOD, I have to go into this next room.