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Plans for Romorantin incorporated many of Leonardo's idealistic ideas.
Reflection and self-reflection in art.
Followed the survey and discussion of artistic criteria.The social function of art.Presentation preparation (report) (1-10) - 10 hours per semester prerequisite professional knowledge interpretovat, zdvodovat a aplikovat teorii expresivního záitku a jeho reflexe; interpretovat, zdvodovat a aplikovat teorii artefiletiky; interpretovat, zdvodovat a aplikovat teorii hermeneutické interpretace vtvarného díla; rozpoznávat a interpretovat djiny umní; professional skills pouívat.Jen dodám, e napíklad Da Vinci za svuj zivot vytvoril pres 10 000 skic rznch nápad a mylenek, které si archivoval a pozdji piloval.For centuries outbreaks of the "Black Death" spread from city to city.Now in his 60s, Da Vinci reportedly traveled by mule across the mountains from northern Italy to central France, carrying with him sketchbooks and unfinished artwork.Learn More: Sources: History of the site at His life: chronology at "Romorantin: Palace and Ideal City" by Pascal Brioist at ioist.Art theory constructs: stylistic, school, trends, movements, direction and style.Dreams for Romorantin, Actualizing the Ideal City: Francis I was barely 20-years-old when he became King of France.Cognition and self-cognition from psychology of art point of view.PPT: excerpts from the film Girl with a Pearl Earring.Contact hours - 26 hours per semester.Umní záitku, záitek umní.Praha : Univerzita Karlova-Pedagogická fakulta, 2004.His notebooks show designs for a Royal Palace built on water; redirected rivers and manipulated water levels; clean air and water circulated with a series of windmills; animal stables built on canals where waste water could be safely removed; cobbled streets to facilitate travel and.Artistic fantasy and artistic imagination.The Artist and the consumer.Where should geniuses spend their final days?Excerpts from the movie Art School Confidential.PPT: visual examples of lecture topics (Picasso Boudnik, Knizak, BKS,.
Ideas and inventions from his sketchbooks have been built to scale and are exhibited at the Parc Leonardo da Vinci on the grounds of the Château du Clos Lucé.
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