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It does not belong to the church, but it is a leda and the swan leonardo da vinci painting National Museum.
Leonardos Last Supper is outside the Church on the right in the Square.
The Last Supper had a tremendous impact on the western art, for its dramatic force and for the beauty of its colours and nuances.Housing Leonardo's famous Last Supper, this is a must visit.It will take your breath away!The last supper from Leonardo Da Vinci is here waiting for you.Visit lasts 15 minutes.Reservación necesaria pero siempre tienen lugar de un día para otro!Buy a ticket weeks in advance on the website.12th Cenacolo Vinciano (Visitors: 337.946)The Last Supper is 15th century mural painting in Milan created by Leonardo da Vinci for his patron Duke Ludovico Sforza.Be sure to buy tickets way in advance as tickets will not be available at ticket counter.Even if you will probably have to wait to see it, you will enchanted by Leonardo Da Vinci's famous fresco The Last Supper, whose restoration was completed in 1999.Dress code: SE anche avete IL tacco 12 NON importa, LE visite durano solo 15 minuti.Il grande leonardo ci ha lasciato un'opera grandiosa da consigliare ai tuoi amici stefano e debora percorso istruttivo Uno dei posti più emozionanti che io abbia mai visitato!The painting was way bigger than expected.Be careful to book in advance, because access to the artwork is strictly regulated.If you want to see the masterpiece of Da Vinci, don't forget to book your day!My suggestion,if you are planning to visit Milan, would be to try and order tickets as far out as you can and be flexible for a couple weekday options and times.You have to book some weeks before (only online) in order to see this beauty!Dal successo del Codice da Vinci cè sempre il tutto esaurito.As we are now days from leaving for our trip, we decided to abandon the idea, especially after talking once more to a nice woman on the phone who was more straightforward by saying our chances were slim that any times would open.Good luck to anyone trying to see Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting, "The Last Supper especially on a weekend.Il Refettorio prezzi dei telefonini samsung di Santa Maria delle Grazie custodisce uno dei capolavori assoluti dellarte in Italia: L'Ultima Cena di Leonardo Da Vinci.