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One of his most famous drawings is perhaps that of the.
The wider world is grey and misty- all of the light and details are drawing the eye towards Mary and gently suggesting how important she.
However it is considered to be da Vinci's first major work, a large painting executed by his own hand with, perhaps, the help of Verrocchio's workshop.In truth though, the focus of the painting is a narrow one.colleena September 15, 2010 I got alot of info thanks alot - matty260 September 13, 2010 i didn't know all this - demetria t August 31, 2010 he is the best at making airplanes and staff - luli August 30, 2010 i dont know.The story of Mary being visited by The Archangel Gabriel, who explains that she is destined to be the mother of the Son of God, was a popular one in renaissance times.masen131 May 6, 2010 I have a guess in Leonardo's death the time 1:15.M.For example, look at the right hand of Mary, which is resting on the reading desk.This is clearly seen in Da Vinci's Annunciation.Thank You if the facts I love to learn about new and intresting things.She becomes almost Christlike herself, recognised as an interceder between God the Father and humanity and exceeded only by the Trinity (God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ) in importance.Evan Woods November 9, 2009 i an doing a report on leonardo da vinci and this website has helped alot i hope i get A - arianna November 4, 2009 i think this is cool and fun but you need to add more fun.Even samsung a5 offerte though he invented numerous utilities and machines some of the most important inventions were the flying machines, armored vehicle, concentrated solar power, an adding machine.